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How Does Our Water Distiller Work?
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How Does Our Water Distiller Work?

Our Water Distiller Works The Same Way Nature works ...

Distillation is Nature's Way.        

Using this Water Distiller couldn’t be easier.
It requires no installation, assembly or hookups. Just fill the stainless steel boiler with tap water and plug into any electrical outlet. Push the button and walk away.
Tap water is heated up to 212ºF in the 100% Stainless Steel vaporizing chamber until it becomes sterilized steam- killing bacteria, cysts and viruses that may be present.
Steam rises and condenses in a stainless steel coil leaving behind impurities dissolved solids, chemicals, toxins, pollutants and other contaminants all behind.
The high quality steam distilled water then percolates through a carbon filter (enhancing the taste) and distilled drinking water is collected in the 1 gallon storage bottle.
The distiller stops automatically when the cycle is complete.
Distiller performance may vary depending upon water temperature, electrical current, humidity, temperature and other factors.

How Do You Make A Gallon Of Distilled Water?

Always unplug the distiller from the wall outlet when you are filling or handling it.
Take the top off.
Fill the stainless steel boiler with tap water up to the line.
Put the top on.
Move the distiller to where you are going to use it.
Put the collection jug under the spout.
Put the top on.
Plug into any electrical outlet.
Push the button and walk away.

After 20 minutes the distiller will start to boil, up to 212ºF killing bacteria, cysts and viruses that may be present. Steam rises and condensed in a stainless steel coil leaving behind impurities dissolved solids and other contaminants. The fan will cool the steam back to water. The high quality steam distilled water then percolates through a carbon filter (enhancing the taste) and distilled drinking water is collected in the 1 gallon storage container.

The distiller will shut off automatically when the process is done
What is not turned into distilled water remains in the bottom of the boiling chamber.
You will see what a good job the distiller has done removing the contaminants.
Leave the top on until you are ready to use again.
Do not take the top off until the for at least 2 hours or hot pressurized steam will possibly cause injury.

When you are ready to begin making the next gallon, unplug and lift off the top. Rinse out the tank in your sink by swishing the water around the bottom. It is not necessary, but you can wipe with a paper towel or sponge (never use anything abrasive like a scrubbie) and rinse again. While it's still in the sink fill it with water. Set it on the counter and dry the outside. Replace the top and plug it in. Position the collection container under the spout, and push the button to start. That's all there is to it. It only takes a minute.


First time you make a gallon of distilled water throw it away.
The next time
Take the top off
Pour 1 inch of tap water into the bottom
Swish around with a paper towel and empty
Do NOT use an abrasive pad. It will scratch the stainless steel and could cause a problem with the taste or heat conductivity
Fill the distiller up to the line and repeat the instructions above

Changing filters
The manufacture recommends that on the average that you should replace the filter after every 90 uses or about every  three months. I don't think this is necessary and I do not replace my filter.

Cleaning the boiling chamber
How often you clean the boiling chamber depends on how much residue builds up.
And that depends on what is in your tap water
So when to use the cleaner will not depend on time but the amount of scaly buildup. I clean mine when there is a 1/32 of an inch of scaly buildup on the entire inside bottom.

To clean the distiller, unplug the distiller.
Fill the distiller half way with tap water
Put in 1 tablespoon of the cleaning crystals included with your distiller
Leave the top off
Start the distiller
Let it run for a 30-45 minutes
Most of the residue should disappear
If needed let it run longer or do it again.
Do not be concerned if the boiling chamber does not clean up to its original shinny condition. What stays in the boiling chamber is what is not going into the distilled water.

There is a phone number is on the distiller for ordering supplies or call 740-544-5842
But you may not need filters or cleaning crystal as soon you think, so wait at least three months before you think about ordering these. That will give you plenty of time to get used to the operation and maintenance of your distiller

You can order extra filters by calling the phone number on the distiller
They cost $8.95 each.
The use of activated charcoal is a personal preference.
Some people prefer the taste a little better using the filters, most would rather save the money

Cleaning crystals
You can order extra cleaning crystal by calling the phone number on the distiller
They cost @ $29 with shipping for 3 year supply


Glass collection jug

Glass collection jugs are available for the faster model. But unfortunately they are custom made and add $100 to the selling price. I recommend that you look in a Wal-Mart, a home goods or a bed and bath store and get one for much less.
I measured it and you can get a pitcher or container that fits under the spout of our faster model for around $12.

Also you can collect the water in the container that came with the distiller and pour it into a glass container for storage.
Many of my customer’s use a pitcher or container with a spigot

We sell extra polycarbonate collection jugs for $15 plus $14 S&H
Go to http://trcfm.stores.yahoo.net/noname3.html

Water Distiller Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your systems manufactured?

All our water distillers are top quality and are manufactured in China under exacting specifications. They have been rigorously tested by me and are used by my family and friends.

Although many water distillers look the same from the outside, there is a big difference on the inside in the quality of the stainless steel boiling chamber, the heating element, electrical components, the cooling coil and fan.

I chose the brand name A1Water Distiller because it has the highest quality stainless steel inside, the best electrical components and advanced features. Just like Sears chose the Kenmore brand name for some items they don't manufacture themselves.

I personally monitor the quality of the distillers and the importing and shipping process. And I handle all the customer questions myself. You can be assured that you are getting the highest quality control and service.

How do I know that the water has been purified, and the unit is operating properly?
You will have no doubt that the water has been purified. It can't get into the collection container unless the water has been turned into steam first. Every time you remove the top to refill the unit, you will see a small amount of residual water left in the bottom, (before you rinse it out). When you see what remains, you will have no doubt that the unit is working. You will now be able to pour all those pollutants down the drain instead of drinking them.

Does it make any noise?

Although the condensing coil fan is very small, (much smaller than a table fan), it will make a normal table fan type noise.

How much does it cost to make operate?

Since you are making your own pure water, you don't pay for bottles, delivery, advertising, store mark ups, etc. Your cost is only for electricity and the water. These costs are estimated by one of our manufacturers to be only 35 cents per gallon.
Compare that with the price of you may pay for bottled water. But the convenience of not having to buy the water and lug it from the store in the first place is also something to consider. And more importantly, bottled water is NOT as PURE as distilled water. So why not drink the best and pay less at the same time?
Water distillers are affordable and they actually save money.

What happens to everything contained in the water before it was purified?

The chemicals, pollutants and other contaminants that were taken out of the water remains in the bottom of the boiling chamber until it is poured down the drain.

Distilled Water, Distillation and Health Frequently Asked Questions

What is distilled water?

Distilled water is steam-distilled water. Distilled water is water which has been heated to the boiling point so that impurities are separated from the water, which itself becomes vapor or steam. Steam is then condensed back into pure liquid form. The impurities remain as residue in the steam kettle (to be periodically removed). This distillation system removes waterborne biological contaminants such as bacteria, parasites and viruses, organic and inorganic chemicals, heavy metals, volatile gasses, cysts, and other contaminants. Pure water contains no solids, minerals, or trace elements. It is clean, natural, and healthy. Steam distilled water is the standard by which all other waters are measured.

Why is distilled water healthier for you?

Distilled is more pure. Pollutants and contaminants are removed more effectively than can be accomplished with any other water purification process, including any other filtering or reverse osmosis system.

Does distilled water taste flat or funny?

No. People who make this claim have normally only tried room temperature distilled water that may have been sitting on a shelf in a plastic jug for months. Distilled water is actually tasteless. This lack of flavor may take a short while to get used to, but once you get accustomed to drinking distilled water, chlorinated tap water will seem offensive. Tap water has additives, and it is the additives that you taste. Since distilled water adds no foreign substances to your foods, the original tastes and flavors of the foods are retained. Distillers supply fresh, clean, great tasting water made right in your home, affordably, and for your convenience.
Why are distillation systems better than a reverse osmosis?
Reverse osmosis cannot eliminate the pollutants and contaminants that are removed through distillation. Contrary to popular conceptions, reverse osmosis does NOT completely remove all viruses and bacteria.

Are there Drugs in tap water?

See what CNN Aired "Drugs In Drinking Water Exposed"

Why Is Distilled Water Best?

Distillation eliminates ALL contaminants- bacteria, viruses, lead, radon, chlorine and hundreds of other pollutants.
First, water is heated to boiling, killing bacteria and converting it to steam. Contaminants and impurities are left behind. As the steam cools, it condenses into pure and delicious drinking water. Note: Boiling alone will kill bacteria, but will not remove heavy metals and other toxins.
Bottled water is less regulated than tap water, even though over 2100 organic and inorganic drinking water contaminants have been found in U.S. drinking water supplies since 1974. In fact, a great deal of bottled water is just tap water that has been run through carbon filters. While most bottled water is free of chlorine, high amounts of bacteria are frequently detected. The bottom line is that you can't be sure of what you're getting in bottled or tap water. More testing is not the answer. A countertop distiller is the right appliance for your home and office now.

Are there any minerals missing from distilled water that my body needs?

The best source of minerals is in the foods we eat. 95% of the minerals our bodies absorb, come from the foods we eat, not the water we drink. Multi-mineral supplements, available at any vitamin store, are also a far better source of beneficial minerals than water. It's not worth polluting our bodies with all the other harmful ingredients to get a minimal amount of minerals found in water.

Do we need the fluoride that is put into the municipal water supplies to prevent cavities?

There is plenty of fluoride in the toothpaste we use to keep away cavities. And there is much controversy about the harmful effects of fluoride in our diets.

Does distilled water leach minerals from my body?

Distilled water is the purest form of water, the universal solvent. Pure water actually absorbs discarded minerals and with the assistance of the blood and lymph (mostly water), transports them to the kidneys for elimination. It is this kind of mineral elimination that is incorrectly referred to as 'leaching'. The expression that distilled water leaches minerals from the body is inaccurate. Distilled water does not leach out body minerals it collects and removes minerals which have been rejected by the cells and tissues, which if not evacuated, can cause arterial obstruction and serious bodily damage.

Do some contaminants carry over with the steam in the distillation process?

Some contaminants that have boiling points lower than that of water could carry over, which is why these distillers are equipped with a safety feature: a volatile gas vent, a design feature which removes most of these contaminants. For even further protection, each distiller is also equipped with a carbon post-filter to provide you with the highest quality distilled water with a 99% or higher removal rate of contaminants.

Does the unit take the salt out of softened water?

Yes. Anyone with a home water softener should also use a water distillation unit for all their drinking water in order to eliminate the sodium, (salt), that is present in softened water.

Are chlorine and other gases removed from the distilled water?

Yes, again, in addition to the solid pollutants that are removed during the process, there is an exhaust vent incorporated into the unit to help eliminate chlorine and other gases that may be formed and rise with the steam. Chlorine and other waste gases are expelled from the exhaust outlet in the upper part of the unit.

Does the process eliminate 100% of every contaminate contained in the water?

Although water made with our distillers is more than 99.9% pure, and the purest water possible that can be made from any other home water purification system, it is virtually impossible to remove minuscule amounts of certain substances. Scientifically speaking, no one can guarantee that absolutely 100% of every non H2O molecule contained in water will be removed.
However we can say that water made with this process will be the cleanest and purest water that is possible to obtain from any other home water purification system, and far cleaner than bottled drinking water from any source.

Besides drinking, what are some other uses for distilled water?

Besides drinking, distilled water is great for hundreds of uses, including:
Cooking: Chlorine-free soups & vegetables - taste the improvement - pots and pans are easier to clean.
Baby Formulas: Boiling tap water kills bacteria, but doesn't remove contaminants. Distilled water, virtually free of contaminants.
Beverages: Savor true flavors of coffee, tea, and juices. The taste is incomparable, and you'll also use less.
Low Sodium Diets: 99.9% of sodium removed in the distillation process.
Ice Cubes: Won't spoil the taste of beverages. Makes cleaner, harder ice cubes.
Pets: They'll love you for giving them clean water. Some show dogs drink distilled water so they will not get "sleepies" in their eyes
Complexion Care: Tap water impurities can clog skin pores - feel the difference with distilled water.
Plants: Plants and cut flowers live longer and look healthier because, just like nature's rainwater, distilled water is free of mineral salts.
Aquariums: Fish thrive in a chlorine-free tank. Distilled water is clean and clear.
Contact Lenses: Distilled water won't irritate eyes.
Humidifiers: Eliminates white dust, mineral salt, and rust concerns. Adds more life and efficiency.
Steam Irons: Eliminate scaling of steam iron vents. Irons will operate more efficiently and last longer.
Kettles: Eliminate mineral salt scaling. Inside of kettles will look like new.
Photography: Perfect development.
Wet-Cell Batteries: Batteries last long with Distilled Water.


Water leaking by the filter or spout

About once every 2 months I hear from a customer that the distiller leaks by the filter and /or spout
That happens because the charcoal in the filter gets compacted during shipment.
Try the other filter that came with the distiller.
That will tell us if that is the problem.
You can fix the original filter by tapping it to loosen up the charcoal granules.
You can also remove the screen, dump the charcoal out. And loosen it. And put it back.
If that doesn't work try making three of the holes in the screen slightly larger with a pin or paper clip. That will fix any air locks.

When the distiller is boiling the top part lifts up
And/or the water boils but no water goes into the collection jug

The distillation coil opening on the inside of the top could be blocked.
After it cools, take the top off and turn it upside down.
There is a shield that is covering the hole.

Very gently pull the end of the shield towards you with your finger 1/16th of an inch

The other possibility is that the hole in the distillation coil got plugged.
After it cools, take the top off and turn it upside down.
Unscrew the screws and take the plastic off the top.
Look for the hole in distillation coil and clean it with a paper clip

The distilled water taste bad

Put a full cup of white vinegar in the distiller and fill with hot water.
Make a gallon of distilled water and throw away.
After 2 hours wipe out with a paper towel and make a new gallon and taste.

If that doesn't work try:
A cup of peroxide instead of vinegar
Without the filters
Use a gallon of store bought spring or distilled water instead of your tap water.

Don't use any brillo  or scrubbing pads to clean the chamber. That could scratch the stainless steel and affect the taste.

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This model has a stainless steel boiling chamber with rubber/plastic top on the inside.


The new improved model has a stainless steel boiling chamber and stainless steel top on the inside.




Fast! Makes a gallon in just 3 1/2 hours Stainless steel boiling chamber and stainless steel top on the inside. Details



All Glass Collection Container. Safe. No Plastic. BPA Free
Fastest On The Market. Stainless Steel Inside Top and Bottom. Decorative Stainless Steel Outside
Sleek Black Top.


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